Artprototo has been started since year of 2000 by eight interior design college students from several classes in the Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Technology Institute (ITB). We do design consulting, from interior, graphics, stage, and anything relates with design.

After each of them graduated, three of them continue the name of Artprototo in 2002, and focused in consulting of interior design only.

Began with one computer and one bed, three of them got lucky to occupy an empty room in a ruko (a building used for business and a house as well) in Muhammad Toha area, Bandung. The ruko actually a warehouse of files of a company, and according to the ruko owner, besides doing a good deed, the warehouse will be much safer if someone occupy it because no one stays in it.

After 6 months of occupied it, the ruko owner having intern problem which it influenced to the ruko emptying. We forced to leave it.

With the profit of an office projects that we succeeded to handle in BRI tower building, and other projects, we looked for a rented house that is affordable, started to print brochures, name card, completing computers needs, and others.

The house that we made to be our second office located in area of Awiligar, Bandung. From there, they started to apply salary system for them selves, and the agreed salary was 600,000 rupiah/ month.

Gradually, they started to handle project by project that finally start to have clients. One of the fixed clients up till now is Skaters, Co, a clothing company in Bandung.

After occupying Awiligar for 3 years, due the remote location of Awiligar from the city center, and due to the increasing costs of rental, we decided to look for another rented house that nears to the suppliers and that is more reachable for the clients. They finally matched to a house in Taman Siswa, Bandung.

In Taman Siswa, they encouraged ourselves to open vacancy in the news paper and started to hire employees. We also rented an empty land which is functioned as a furniture workshop.

One of the members separated to get marry and moved to Jakarta, his homeland with his wife that is live there as well.

Finally, with only 2 members, in the third year after occupying Taman Siswa, Artprototo move to another location. Now in the Karawitan street, much more near with the workshop. It is in the Karawitan street, before once again moved to Babakan Jati street, one member separated and left only one member that motors Artprototo.

In Babakan Jati, the office finally united with the workshop, and Artprototo has been doing its job as a consultant and interior contractor.

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