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Artprototo is a professional interior design company. Currently, we domicile in Jl Babakan jati 37 Bandung, West Java 40275, Indonesia, phone: +62 022 7321 625. Interior design done by Artprototo cover personal home interior design (residential) such as bedroom design, to design meant for commercial purposes, such as stores, restaurants, and office interior.

Artprototo established by eight ITB design interior colleague students, in the mid of 2002, when we’re still at college. By the time, Artprototo has undergone steps to maturity. The system that applied has become clearer, the clients are increasing, and the facility keeps developing. We realize more, that trust is the main thing in the context of work, between client and the consultant.

Shout your mind out !

We’ve been succeeded to build a good trustful relationship with our suppliers. In 2005 and 2006, artprototo achieved Indonesian Creative & Innovative Award, and Bandung Professional Award. You can also see our client’s testimony in Testimonial page.

For us, a good design is a design that comfortable to be seen from various sides. Beside the aesthetics value, interior design has to be functional by calculating material factors, production, even costs. Designs should embrace two main things, objectivity and subjectivity, from the designer’s point of view, clients, productions doers, even the supplier’s.

Artprototo educate its designers to think thoroughly when they do their work. 5W formula, that is who, what, when, where and emphasize on why, will always be involved in the production process. Artprototo consider itself as a designer which comprehends production, and producer that comprehend design.

Interior Design, How ?

We serve the making of interior designs from the planning process till the making of interior building. Bandung is our main area that we can serve. We can also serve other area such as Jakarta, Tangerang, Yogyakarta, and Semarang. The survey cost will be on future customer’s account.

In the process of interior design, the calculation of room is a very important. If you interested to consult by email, we will need pictures with complete measurement, covering the conditions of walls, floors, ceiling, furniture existing, the lay out of electricity existing, and others specific matters. If it is hard to be handled, it will be better if Artprototo team to do direct survey to the location.

More complete about the booking process and interior design production, can be visited at Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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