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How to reserve interior design from Artprototo


You can visit our office at Jl Babakan jati 37 Bandung. You can also call us in +62 (022) 7321 625, email :, or you can fill the Contact Page in this website. Explain briefly of how the specific design that you want.

What kind of informations that needed by Artprototo?


If you’re interesting in consulting by email, we need we will need pictures with complete measurement, covering the conditions of walls, floors, ceiling, furniture existing, the lay out of electricity existing, and others specific matters. If it is hard to be handled, it will be better if Artprototo team to do direct survey to the location.

How much cost of interior design from Artprototo?


The price of a design is so depends on the idea, function, complexity level, and wide of the room. While the production cost (interior making) is depend on the furniture and material quality and quantity that will be used. Contact us to get more details about the design cost and the production cost.

Does artprototo only do design, or complete with the interior making?


We do designs as well as the making of interior production. It depend on the deal with the client.

I’m not live in Bandung Indonesia, how can I contact Artprototo?


You can contact us by phone +62 (022) 7321 625, or email, or by Contact Page in this website. Explain in detail what becomes your need. If its necessary and possibly, we will survey the location (costs arise will be on client’s account).

Which city or area that can be served by Artprototo?


Currently, our major clients come from Indonesia's cities, namely Bandung, Jakarta, Tangerang, Yogyakarta, and Semarang. Please confirm us if you live outside that locations.

How is the payment, the design making, and the interior production?


We will start the design process after we receive the down payment (DP), approximately 60% from total cost. After the design is agreed and revised by the client, we will start to build the interior building according to the design. Client obliges to pay the rest of the payment after the building process is finished. All of it will be written in the agreement letter.

Is there any guarantee if the design interior result is not according to the one that is hoped?


We will guarantee and give free support for 6 months after the room interior is finished. We will replace or fix if there’s any furniture or material that damage without any additional cost (in the normal limit). For more detail about support and guarantee, will be written in the agreement letter.

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